• Muscle Car Green - Carrera...
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    Muscle Car Green -...

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    This Muscle Car Green is rightly a tough race car. With its green-yellow-grey colours, it immediately catches the eye. In addition, it is equipped with a rear spoiler and a powerful engine block that protrudes from the hood. Show your muscles and beat your opponent with this powerful Muscle Car!

  • Harry Potter and the Order... Harry Potter and the Order...
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    Harry Potter and the...

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    This beautifully drawn image features several recognizable elements from the Harry Potter film and book, The Order of the Phoenix. It has been worked out with beautiful details that you will immediately recognize when you have read the books or seen the film. As a Harry Potter fan, this should of course not be missing in your collection.

  • GraviTrax Starterset - 27597 GraviTrax Starterset - 27597
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    GraviTrax Starterset -...

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    Discover the power of gravity with the GraviTrax Ball Track Starter Set. You build your own track from scratch or you can use the design provided in the manual. With different building elements you let the bullet go through your course and add multiple elements. You can expand the starter set as much as you want with the separate expansion sets. GraviTrax is limitless so you can have a lot of fun with this and it won't get boring quickly.

  • Challenge Sonic – Carrera... Challenge Sonic – Carrera...
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    Challenge Sonic –...

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    Can you break the speed record with Sonic on his Challenge Carrera GO!!! race track? This Challenge course is all about speed. It is not a competition or normal race, no on a Challenge race track you are the only one who will race. The aim is to break the track record but be careful because it is not an easy circuit. With oblique turns, a loop and track elevation, this is true racing man's art.

    The Challenge race track is a single track race track equipped with a lap counter and a time measurement. Suitable for 1 player, scale 1:43 and you can play all Carrera GO!!! cars on this track.

  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E...
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    Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E...

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    The 7-time British world champion Lewis Hamilton should of course not be missing on your racetrack. After all, the Mercedes-AMG team belongs to the absolute best in the world. With number 44, Lewis Hamilton appears at the start, ready to fight for a spot on the podium. With original Formula 1 license for 2022.

  • PAW Patrol RRR - Chase - 64175
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    PAW Patrol RRR - Chase...

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    Chase, one of the heroes of PAW Patrol, is ready to race around the track in his police car. Just like in the hit TV series, the little dogs are also in action on the Carrera racetrack with courage and joy. Chase the German Shepherd loves to compete with the other dogs of PAW Patrol. Get his blue speedster to the finish line as fast as possible and make him become the big champion. With official PAW Patrol license.

  • Disney-Pixar Cars - Dinoco...
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    Disney-Pixar Cars -...

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    Dinoco Cruz can be seen in the movies Cars 1 and Cars 3. If you are a real fan, then you probably know this. You also know that she is a good friend of Lightning McQueen. She seems very sweet and innocent, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once the race starts it is a very tough opponent. Will you help Dinoco Cruz? The race car has a scale of 1:50 and is suitable for all Carrera First race tracks.

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  • Under 10 - Card Game Under 10 - Card Game
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    Under 10 - Card Game

    €12.95 Price

    The best card game from the Netherlands!

    If you are looking for a card game that is competitive and easy for everyone to play, then the Under 10 game is exactly what you are looking for! The game was conceived and designed on Dutch soil, in West Friesland to be precise, during the corona period.

    The aim of the game is to have as few points as possible in your hand. When it is your turn and you have less than ten points, you shout “UNDER 10” and the game ends and the points are distributed. If a player has more than 150 points, he/she is out of the game. You can then choose to continue to the bitter end and continue playing with the remaining players or you stop and the player with the lowest number of points wins.

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