Privacy statement SuperBro Toys (Chamber of Commerce number 86248715)
This privacy statement concerns the processing of the personal data of our customers and users of the website
When does our privacy statement apply?
This privacy statement applies to any processing of personal data of our customers and users of our web store. 
By personal data we mean information that can be directly or indirectly traced to an individual, without the name
of that individual having to be known. Think of customer number, address, place of residence, e-mail address,
telephone number, cookie IDs and financial data.
We think it is important that the services of SuperBro Toys are reliable and transparent. We therefore handle 
your personal data discreetly and carefully and we ensure that any processing of your data complies with
applicable laws and regulations. It is possible that we adjust the privacy statement of SuperBro Toys if new
developments so require. You can always view the latest version on this page to stay informed of changes.
(last processing date is June 2022)
Who processes your data and who protects it?
SuperBro Toys is responsible for the processing of your data. This means that SuperBro Toys determines how 
and which data about you is processed, for what purposes and for how long. We do not process your data without
reason and only if we need it for one or more specific purposes. We will never sell your data to third parties.
What data does SuperBro Toys process and what do we use them for?
Visit and use of the webshop
When you visit our web store, we process your data, but these cannot be traced back to a person or IP address. 
We do this by means of Cookies. See our Cookie Policy.
Create an account, manage and order as a guest
To place an order at SuperBro Toys you can order as a guest or you can create an account.
Order as a guest
If you order as a guest, no personal account is created. The information you enter is only linked to the order and 
invoice and is therefore not stored in a personal account. This data is therefore only used for the processing of your
Order via a personal account
You can choose to create a personal account. Your data will then be stored in a personal account. 
You can then log in yourself and view and change your personal data.
You can also view orders that you have placed with us in the past. If you create a personal account at
SuperBro Toys, we will process the following data: first name or initials, last name, date of birth (optional), gender,
e-mail address, address and password.
If you actively use your account, we can also store other data in addition to your personal data. This depends on 
how you use our web store. Do you think about:
• Order dates
• Order numbers/order numbers
• Details of your orders, such as number of orders, amounts, (type of) articles, article numbers, quantity, color and price
• Delivery dates and times
 Postage costs
• Payment overview
  E-mail address

Buy items and have them delivered
The items you buy in the SuperBro Toys web store can be delivered to your home or delivered to a different address 
than the invoice address. During the ordering process we process various data, such as your chosen payment method
and data to track your order.
From the moment you place an order in the SuperBro Toys web store, we process the following data:
• What you order (including number, type of items, VAT and delivery costs);
• Transaction data (method of payment, your account number and payment details);
• Delivery method: home delivery or to an address other than the billing address;
• Name, address, place of residence, telephone number;
• Any instructions you give us for delivery;
• Other data if necessary;
• Information about the acceptance of your order;
When you place an order with SuperBro Toys, you enter into a purchase agreement with SuperBro Toys. If you ask a 
question or make a complaint about an order, or contact customer service for any other reason, it is necessary to
process and store certain data.
In order to be of service to you, we will record your question or complaint in our customer service database. 
Depending on the question or complaint, we process your name, address, place of residence, e-mail address,
customer number and/or telephone number. We store information from questions/complaints about orders and
invoices for as long as orders and invoice data, namely 7 years. The retention period of the administration is 7 years
and is legally required for tax purposes. Sometimes we have to keep data for longer, for example if your complaint
leads to a procedure.
We do not use your personal customer data for marketing purposes.
Social media
If you communicate with SuperBro Toys via social media, for example if you post comments, upload media, send a 
message, share an article from our website or click a like button, your data will be processed by SuperBro Toys at a
minimum. For example, if you ask a vague question via social media such as Google+, Instagram or Facebook,
we will only process the information that is important to, for example, answer you or to be of service to you.
The personal data is not stored by SuperBro Toys.
Our terms and conditions and privacy statement do not apply to the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram 
or YouTube, but the terms and conditions, privacy and cookie statement and other statements of the relevant social
media apply.
You can rate us and leave a review. The review you post is visible to others. You choose which name/nickname is 
shown with your review.
Because you agree to posting a review, we process the title of your review, your rating for an article (1 to 5 stars) and 
your comment. Your username and email address will only be used to invite you to post a review or message.
If you place an order and you tick that you want to receive the newsletter, you will receive our newsletter at least 4 
times a year by e-mail. The newsletter always contains a link to unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe, your data will be
removed from our newsletter database. You can also email us at to unsubscribe from the
What data do third parties process from you?
We receive help from third parties for the performance of services, the delivery of articles and other activities. 
Insofar as these third parties process your data on behalf of SuperBro Toys, they do so as a processor. All agreements
about security, confidentiality and your rights are included in the processing agreements that we have concluded with
these third parties.
We work with third parties who help us with the following services:
• Logistical and operational purposes: think of postal processors, parcel deliverers and parties that help us send e-mails.
• Marketing services for showing relevant ads on Google. We use software for this, such as Google Adwords.
• Analysis services for analyzing data about your visit to and use of our web store. We use software for this such as 
Google Analytics.
• IT services for maintenance and management of our systems and storage of data.
• Working together with regulators, tax authorities and investigative agencies, such as the police and the Public 
Prosecution Service. We only provide data to these parties if we are legally obliged to do so.
How does SuperBro Toys protect your data?
Your privacy is important, so we take the security of your data very seriously. We have taken various measures to 
ensure that your data is and remains safe. When protecting your data, we take into account the possible processing
risks of your data: for example when it is lost or used unlawfully. Below we list a number of our security measures for
• We ensure that your account is secured and that no one from outside or inside can log in and thus access your data. 
Among other things, your password is stored encrypted with us.
• Communication via the website and e-mail is encrypted and secure. This is done via HTTPS, recognizable by the 
lock at the top left of your browser.
• We use the latest technologies and software.
• We protect our systems against malware, viruses, cryptoware and hacking software.
• Only SuperBro Toys employees who need access to your data to do their job can access your data.
• Third parties who need access to your data are obliged to take appropriate technical and organizational security 
measures and to commit their employees to secrecy.
Security incident/data breach
When there is a security incident, such as theft of a laptop or a hack in our systems, we respond immediately. We 
investigate whether it concerns a security breach (weakness in our security) or a data breach (loss or unlawful
processing of your data). We will close security and data breaches as soon as possible. In the event of a data breach,
we will contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours, unless it is unlikely that the data breach poses a
risk to your privacy. If it concerns a data breach with a high risk to your privacy (for example, if a lot of sensitive data
has been leaked), we are obliged to report the breach to you as well. If you have found a security incident or data
breach in SuperBro Toys, please send an email to immediately or contact us on telephone
number 023-8926113.
How long do we keep your data?
In general, we do not keep your data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we collected your data. 
We then delete or anonymize this data. Anonymizing means that we ensure that data can no longer be traced back to
you. Sometimes we need certain data even longer for another purpose. If that is the case, we have a legal basis for
this and we will ensure that this data is only accessible for that purpose. After that, we will of course still anonymize or
delete your data.
Storage period 1 month
This retention period applies to complaints you submit. If the complaint has been settled, the data will be kept for 
another 1 month.
Storage period 7 years
This retention period applies to the following categories:
• Obligation to keep accounting and administration;
• Tax documentation and reporting of deliveries of goods, imported and exported goods and other relevant data;
• Payment overview/invoices;
• Orders, proof of delivery of orders;
• All purchase reports of goods, import and export;
What rights do you have as a customer?
As a customer, you have certain rights when it comes to the processing of your data by SuperBro Toys. For example, 
you have the right to deletion of data and the right to rectification of your data. Below we list your rights.
• Right to information: We are obliged to inform you about who we are, what data we process about you, how long 
we keep data and for what purposes, on what basis we do this and to whom we provide your data. You will find all this
information in our privacy statement.
• Right of access: You have the right to see whether SuperBro Toys processes data from you, and if so, which data, 
what the purposes of the processing are, to which parties your data is provided, how long this data is kept and what
the origin of your data is (if you have not provided it yourself). You do not have to give a reason for viewing this
• Right to rectification: Do we have incomplete or incorrect information about you that you cannot correct yourself? 
Send an email to SuperBro Toys with the request for adjustment.
Right to erasure/right to be forgotten
You can submit a request to us to delete your data. We are then obliged to delete your data without undue delay. 
We cannot or may not always delete all your data. Sometimes the processing is, for example, still necessary for the
fulfillment of legal obligations.