Help my car keeps flying off the track!

We often hear that the car flies off the track during racing. Fortunately, we can reassure everyone by saying that they are not alone, as almost everyone has experienced or suffered from this at one time or another. We would like to explain how this is possible and how you can prevent it in this blog.


How is it possible that my car flies off the track?

The answer to the question is actually quite simple, as it usually has one of two reasons:


- Speed

- Sliding contacts


Let's start with the first reason and that is speed. Someone who has just received his or her first racetrack is naturally very enthusiastic. It may happen that you want too much because of your enthusiasm and go full throttle over the track. Unfortunately, the high speed at which you go over the track also has a downside, because if you maintain the speed and do not reduce it, things will go wrong in the corners. The car can then shoot out of the track of the track due to the high speed and end up outside the track. Doing this too often can even damage a car and that would be a shame.


A second reason that a car flies off the track can be the sliding contacts. The sliding contacts are an important part of the car because they ensure that the car makes and maintains contact with the track. It is important that these are still in order so that good racing can take place. The moment that the car often goes out of control while, for example, you do not go full throttle, or you dose it well, it could mean that something is wrong with the sliding contacts or that they are worn out. (Time for new ones? More about this in the blog how do I replace sliding contacts)


How do you prevent this?

The question that is also often asked is how do I prevent this? We advise you to practice racing a lot, you do this to get to know the car and the track better, but also to learn how to deal with the speed. It is important to know that every car is different and therefore drives differently. Suppose you have a beautiful BMW racing car and a beautiful Mercedes AMG racing car, then every car races slightly differently due to the construction and model of the car. How long you have to practice before you realize how fast you can go through a corner is different for everyone. It may be that you are a natural and have already practiced enough quite quickly, but someone else needs to practice a little longer. Keep practicing and don't give up because who knows, you might become the new race champion.


Have fun racing

The most important thing we at SuperBro Toys want to give to everyone, whether you have racing experience or not, make sure you have fun doing it. Having fun is very important, because then you are busy with something other than the daily things, and then it doesn't matter at all if your car sometimes goes off track. You can also have fun practicing by, for example, keeping track of your lap times and then see how long it goes well and whether it improves. It is secretly a bit funny when the car flies off the track, but it can also be a shame.