A Carrera Digital 132 race track is so much more than a race track for children. It is more of a race track for adults, in fact it is a hobby for many people. The appeal of the Digital 132 racetracks is not only in the fact that the cars are made on a larger scale, no these racetracks offer many more extras. That is why in this blog we discuss a number of features that you can find at the Digital 132 jobs.

How many cars can you race at once?

At the Carrera Go tracks, which are often seen as children's racetracks, a maximum of two cars can race on the racetrack at the same time. This is different with Digital 132, in principle a maximum number of 8 cars applies. These 8 are based on 6 physical cars in combination with 2 Ghost cars or 1 Ghost car with 1 Safety car. Together that makes 8 cars.

What does the ghost car do?

The Ghost car is a computer controlled car, to use it you need the control unit with item number 30352. You can use the Ghost car as an extra opponent, but it can also be used as a handicap for the participating racers. For example, you can program the Ghost car with a lower speed, the racer behind it cannot pass and will have to wait for the next overtaking opportunity. This obviously has an impact on the final result of the race.

What does the Safety/Pace car do?

Just like in the real races, a Safety of Pace car should not be missing on your Digital 132 race track, especially if you want to experience the real racing experience. You can use it when there are problems, to do this you always need a Pitstop with article number 30356. The Safety of Pace car will also take place there and will automatically come out if you give the order via the control unit with article number 30352.

Wireless or wired?

The Digital 132 racetracks have the option to control them wirelessly. Some sets already contain the wireless controllers, but you can also purchase them separately if you have a set with the standard wired controllers. We will talk more about this in another blog.

The most important features in a row for Digital 132:

• Scale of the cars is 1:32 (you can also run the Digital 124 cars on these tracks)

• Scale of the track parts is 1:24 (width is 19.8 cm)

• Possibility of wireless control

• Ability to change jobs

• Speed ​​can be adjusted individually

• Supports light and sound on the digital cars

• You can also buy the separate parts of many cars, such as the tires, so that your cars last much longer.

Would we as Superbro Toys recommend a Digital 132 racetrack to you? Yes, simply because it has much more to offer than, say, Carrera Go. If you want more information, you can always contact our experts at customer service.