Which cars can you convert?

The question that is often asked is which Evolution cars can I convert into Digital 132 cars? The answer to this is that you could convert all cars from the year 2007. PLEASE NOTE: We would like to point out to everyone with a car from the Evolution series that these are analogue cars and therefore do not have all the functions that the Digital series has after conversion. This has to do with the fact that the Digital series is a digital series, and this includes functions such as lighting and sound.


How can you convert the cars?

Let's start with an Evolution car of which you must unscrew all the screws on the bottom so that you can remove the top part. Now you can see the inside of the car with the decoder. You must replace this for the decoder that is suitable for a Digital 132 layout.

You can choose from 2 types and the right one is chosen based on the car you want to convert. Does your car have flashing lights? Then you need the decoder with item number 26743. Doesn’t your car have flashing lights? Then you need the decoder with item number 26732.

The next step you must follow is the step where you must disconnect the decoder from your car by unplugging the wires. You must attach the new decoder to your car by plugging the wires back in. When you have done this, you can put the car on the track to test if the car drives and if so, you can screw the top back to the bottom.

As many enthusiasts and / or hobbyists may know, Formula 1 cars have also been released in the past for the Digital 132 and Evolution. The F1 cars for Evolution can of course also be converted, only they need specific decoders. This is the decoder that is only suitable for the F1 cars and has item number 26740.


What types of decoders are there?

Below we will neatly indicate which decoders there are to convert from Evolution to Digital 132:


 - Digital decoder item number 26732 (Digital 132)

 - Digital decoder F1 item number 26740 (Digital 132)

 - Digital decoder with flashing light, item number 26743 (Digital 132)