What different systems are there from Carrera?

Carrera is the world's largest manufacturer of racetracks. Not only is it the best brand in terms of quality and service, they are also the only ones with the official license rights of all the big names in motorsport.

In this blog we explain more about the different systems that you can find in the world of Carrera Racetracks. Carrera has different series within their range, which we will describe below based on the scale of the cars:


- Digital 124 (1:24)

- Digital 132 and Evolution (1:32)

- Carrera Go, Carrera Go Plus and Digital 143 (1:43)

- Carrera First (1:50)


What are the 1:24 and 1:32 scale cars?

The 1:24 and 1:32 scale cars are the largest cars in the Carrera range. What makes the racing experience on the Digital 124, Digital 132 and Evolution tracks even more fun is that drivers are also placed behind the wheel. We see that the target group that often opts for these cars and/or jobs is an older target group, very often collectors as well. The fact that these models are more popular with collectors and older target groups also has to do with the price. These collectibles last a very long time, there are also parts for the cars available separately, so if something breaks, you can replace it yourself. Digital 124 and Digital 132 are digital courses and Evolution is based on analog technology.


What are the 1:43 scale cars?

The cars with a scale of 1:43 are more suitable for the young target group, because they are lower in price and have many more fun themed cars and jobs to offer. Young people can sometimes be a little less careful and that is a shame if you use an expensive car that breaks down. These cars are often also given as a present by, for example, grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts and other family members during a birthday. This can of course also be given as a gift during the holidays. You have the Carrera Go tracks (analogue) Carrera Go Plus and Digital 143 (Digital) race tracks. Carrera has discontinued the Digital 143 and this has now been transferred to the Carrera Go Plus lanes.


What are the 1:50 scale cars?

For the target group of the smallest, Carrera has set up a Carrera First series and this consists of the themes: Cars, Mario Kart, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. These cars are also very suitable to give as a gift during a birthday or the Holidays. The cars have a scale of 1:50, which means that they are not only smaller, but they are also a bit easier to drive. They are really intended for young children from the age of 3 who are introduced to the world of racing for the first time. The speed of the cars is a bit lower and the controllers have also been adapted to the smaller hands of our young racing enthusiasts.