About us

Once upon a time… this sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale and while it fits the theme of SuperBro Toys well, it is not a fairy tale. No, it's a dream of two best friends with a huge passion for toys that has come true.

It all started, like so many things in life, with a funny note. However, this comment stuck and kept popping up in conversations. Wouldn't it be nice to build a European online platform, completely focused on toys? But then one where the customer can find everything, even the articles that you do not normally find everywhere, and where service is still at the top.

And so it happened that from a funny comment an actual idea was formed, this was turned into a plan and now our plan has actually become a reality. On April 29, 2022, we officially registered SuperBro Toys and started working.


The offer

Our passion lies with toys, which is why we have chosen that you can only find toys with us. In addition, we have direct relationships with the manufacturers, we do this because we like to make the complete range they have to offer available to you as a customer. We often see that only a selection of items is offered while the manufacturers often have much more to offer. Because we do include all items in our range, you as a customer can choose what you want to order, and that you have the choice is important to us. We also try to look for items that are not readily available everywhere. We also try to offer you as a customer that little bit more.



This is an important topic for us. Children are an important target group for us and if we want the children of the future to be able to play with toys just as carefree, it is important that we make sure that everything is sustainable. We therefore choose to work with manufacturers where sustainability is high on the agenda. You can think of less plastic in products, sustainable wood and recycled paper in products and packaging.

We as SuperBro Toys also do everything we can to work as responsibly as possible, we have automated almost all our business processes, we do our best to limit the use of paper to a minimum and we choose to work together in all areas. with companies that find this subject just as important as we do, even if this means that it costs a little more.


Creating Funtime

This is our mission, to ensure that children and adults can have a good time. Whether this is putting together a puzzle, playing a game at the table with the family, enjoying a nice Friday evening with friends with a party game or competing on your race track, as long as it is fun.

To reinforce this even more, we have made our website in such a way that you can easily and quickly find the articles you are looking for. We ensure that you can read as well as possible with each article what you can expect from the article to help you in your choice. Everything intended to make your shopping experience at SuperBro Toys as pleasant as possible.

And we can't do this without you, you can always approach us with ideas or suggestions how we can do/make it even better/easier for you. You can always contact us via the online contact form, you can also send an email to info@superbrotoys.com and you can reach us on Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30 by phone on 023-8926113.

We wish you a lot of shopping fun in our online toy store and of course lots of fun playing with the items you purchase from us!


Team SuperBro Toys