KFC History

A football club called EDO was founded on October 20th, 1910. The club EDO joined the Noordhollandsche Voetbalbond in 1911, after which the name was changed to KFC. The club's first championship was already won in 1913, which meant that they were promoted to the second division of the NHVB. Where normally in today's time a first place is needed to promote, KFC finished in second place in 1915, but they were admitted to the First Division by choice. KFC had been playing in the Premier League for a few years when they finished in first place in the 1918/19 season.

The golden age of KFC was in the 1930’s. The team played so well that they always managed to play in the First Division. KFC became champion in the 1933/34 season and was therefore allowed to participate in the championship competition as a reward. The championship competition consisted of the following teams: Ajax, KFC, Willem II, Heracles and Velocitas. This season went well for KFC until they had to play their last match against Ajax. This match was unfortunately lost and because of this they finished in 2nd place. The numbers 3 of the championship competition (1st Ajax, 2nd KFC, 3rd Willem II) all had 10 points and it was therefore necessary to determine who became champion via a play-off. The play-off was won by Ajax, making them champions. KFC had to settle for a 2nd place and Willem II with a 3rd place. In the new season, KFC reached the final of the cup, but unfortunately it lost to RFC Roermond.

KFC was popularly nicknamed De Groote Koogsche. At that time, the playing field was located on Pinkstraat (NL), below and right next to highway 8. This location now houses a Gamma branch, among other things. There was a modest capacity on the KFC premises, but in the 1950’s, 4,000 to 5,000 spectators were regularly reached. In a derby against Volendam, a significant outlier was measured that came out at almost 8000 people.


KFC's Social Engagement

KFC has been a proud partner of [Z]aan de Wandel since 2016. [Z]aan de Wandel supports breast cancer research projects by the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam (AVL) and Anna's house. Anna's house is located on the Zorgboulevard next to ZMC in Zaandam and is a walk-in house focused on psychosocial care for everyone who is dealing with cancer.

Every year KFC stands up with Team Mirjam and they walk with as many members, family, friends and colleagues as possible over the three different distances in memory of Mirjam Krokké and the charities of [Z]aan de Wandel.


Why does SuperBro Toys have a partnership with KFC?

We at SuperBro Toys like sports very much and really enjoy the game of football. SuperBro Toys is also very involved with football club KFC in Koog aan de Zaan, especially with team KFC 3 (Sunday). The idea of ​​the collaboration came because we saw a nice combination to enjoy a game of football and promote our brand. The great team members of KFC 3 (of course also the trainers) are a nice team together and can play a fair deal of soccer. After the game they look for fun in the canteen during the well-known 3rd half. At KFC every team is important, and everyone is welcome to come and watch or to become a member.