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Build 'n Race - Racing Set... Build 'n Race - Racing Set...
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Build 'n Race - Racing...

€69.99 Regular price €78.49 Price -€8.50

Do you like building and racing? Then this set from Carrera Go is exactly what you are looking for. Build 'n Race – Racing sets bring the fun of building and racing together. You can build your cars the way you want, but you can also build the circuit to your own design. Use building blocks from other manufacturers to create a unique circuit. This race track is no less than 4.9 meters long with long high-speed sections, curves, looping and narrowing for a mega exciting race!! Also try the built-in Turbo button in the hand controller and see what happens!

Disney Cars - Neon Nights-... Disney Cars - Neon Nights-...
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Disney Cars - Neon...

€89.99 Regular price €104.99 Price -€15.00

We wait in suspense until night falls, the neon lights come on, the start lights go out and the race begins! With Lightning McQueen on one lane and Jackson Storm on the other, who will win this battle? From the start there is immediate action on the track through the steep bend, then through the loop, through the tunnel over the intersection, but watch out there is suddenly a narrowing, do not drive each other off the track. Then through the 90 degree bend, up the straight to enter the last bend! Every race on this track is an exciting race, so complete with so many challenges!

Disney Pixar Cars - Glow... Disney Pixar Cars - Glow...
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Disney Pixar Cars -...

€92.95 Regular price €104.99 Price -€12.04

A new race between Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm on this Carrera Go!!! Disney Cars – Glow Racers race track. The race starts and immediately both heroes from the Cars cartoon fly through the oblique bend, then through a tunnel and immediately full throttle through the loop. Once out of the loop there is a dangerous intersection followed by a sharp turn followed by a road narrowing and fly-over. Again across the intersection, through the bend and then the round is over and it starts again. It's up to you to decide who will win the race, will it be Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm?

DTM Power Lap - Carrera Go... DTM Power Lap - Carrera Go...
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DTM Power Lap -...

€78.95 Regular price €83.99 Price -€5.04

At the Carrera GO!!! Race track DTM Power Lap is the battle between the top players of DTM Racing. These two greats compete with each other, but you decide with your controller who will win the race. In one lane DTM winner Sheldon van der Linde of Team Schubert Motorsport in his BMW M4 GT3 and in the other Ricardo Feller in his Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II. The track is 6.3m long and offers everything from a loop, fly-over, crossing and more. You will definitely not get bored with this job!!

Ferrari Pro Speeders -... Ferrari Pro Speeders -...
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Ferrari Pro Speeders -...

€89.95 Regular price €104.99 Price -€15.04

With the Ferrari Pro Speeders you really have a super circuit, you race on a track of no less than 8.6 meters long! The battle is between the Hublot Ferrari 488 GT3 “Squadra Corse Garage Italia, No.7” on one track and the Ferrari 488 GT3 “AF Corse, No.488” on the other track. With a double chicane, an intersection, steep bend and lap counter, this track is perfect for a nice catch-up race!

Mario Kart™ - Carrera Go -... Mario Kart™ - Carrera Go -...
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Mario Kart™ - Carrera...

€83.99 Regular price €94.49 Price -€10.50

The two beloved Italian brothers Mario and Luigi go head to head on this awesome Mario Kart™ racetrack. Everyone knows Nintendo's Mario Kart™ game, but now you can really let them race in your room. The track is complete with a loop, sharp turns, long stretches to really pick up speed and has a lap counter to keep track of how many laps you've had. With the included decorative elements, this is really a job for every child. The only question now is: who will be the winner?

Max Performance - Carrera... Max Performance - Carrera...
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Max Performance -...

€77.95 Regular price €83.99 Price -€6.04

Relive the thrilling 2021 finale at the Abu Dhabi circuit where 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton battles Max Verstappen and where Max eventually becomes world champion for the first time. In this track you race with the new 2022 cars of both Lewis and Max. The track has a lap counter, an intersection, a loop set and a steep turn. With a track length of 6.3 meters, this is really an awesome track for every racing enthusiast.

PAW Patrol - Ready Race... PAW Patrol - Ready Race...
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PAW Patrol - Ready...

€79.99 Regular price €94.49 Price -€14.50

Chase and Marshall from PAW Patrol battle together on this Carrera GO!!! Race track. Chase drives his cool blue police car and Marshall appears at the start in his cool red fire truck. While the lap counter keeps track of how many laps have been completed, our friends from PAW Patrol tear across the track. Sharp turns, a loop, nothing is too crazy on this race track of 4.9 m long!

Race to Victory - Carrera... Race to Victory - Carrera...
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Race to Victory -...

€63.95 Regular price €68.49 Price -€4.54

The race for victory has started between the red Ferrari car with none other than Carlos Sainz and, on the other side, the world champion of team Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen! This track is all about pure speed, with huge long track sections you can reach enormous speeds if you use the turbo button. Be careful not to fly out of the corner. The round counter keeps track of how many rounds you have had. Who is the fastest in this race?

Sonic the Hedgehog 4.9m -... Sonic the Hedgehog 4.9m -...
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Sonic the Hedgehog...

€81.95 Regular price €91.99 Price -€10.04

Known from the SEGA games, Sonic the Hedgehog now has his own Carrera Go race track. Equipped with his super-fast blue Speed Star, Sonic races his spiky competitor Shadow in his Dark Reaper speedster. The circuit is no less than 4.9 meters long and has several challenges. Sharp turns, long stretches for high speed, a loop and a road narrowing. Will you help team Sonic or team Shadow to victory?

Speed Competition - Carrera... Speed Competition - Carrera...
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Speed Competition -...

€72.95 Regular price €78.49 Price -€5.54

The competition for speed has started with the Speed ​​Competition race track. Fernando Alonso of the Alpine team takes on Ferrari's Carlos Sainz. The circuit is no less than 5.3 meters long, where you can achieve high speeds on the straights with the turbo button, but brake in time for the corners. And pay attention because there is an intersection in the circuit and you don't want a collision. Speed ​​through the loop and show who will win this match!

Up to Speed - Carrera Go -... Up to Speed - Carrera Go -...
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Up to Speed - Carrera...

€92.95 Regular price €104.99 Price -€12.04

Up to Speed ​​is probably the best Formula 1 race track of 2022. With an amazing track length of no less than 8.9 meters, not 1 but 2 loops, a flyover, a steep bend and a lap counter, this track has been expanded enormously. You drive the 2022 F1 cars of Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz with your friends. Two top drivers who want to compete in pairs, keep that turbo button ready because this will go fast!