How do you replace the sliding contacts?


Replacing sliding contacts is very simple and anyone can do it themselves. You start by removing the old sliding contacts from the car. You do this by pulling the tugs.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you have the right sliding contacts and these are also available from us on the website. The sliding contacts for Carrera Go, Carrera Go plus and Digital 143 have article number 61510, for Carrera First this article number is 65508. You can find these in the category Race tracks and then Carrera Accessories. You can of course also look up the right sliding contacts via our search bar.


When replacing the sliding contacts, it is important to ensure that you unravel the ends of the sliding contacts properly, this ensures contact with the track. You now have to bend the irons together so that you can place the sliding contacts in the car and then press them well. Repeat these steps one more time to also replace the second wiper contact and always make sure that the wipers always point backwards.

You can test whether the tugs point backwards enough by putting the car on the track. If the tires of the car touch the track, the tugs point backwards enough, you can test this by pressing the car a little from above. If you see the car bouncing back up, you have to make sure that you bend the tugs back a bit or press them more. If the car is positioned correctly on the track, we advise you to check whether the tugs make contact with the track. You have now successfully replaced the sliding contacts, but do not forget to check and/or replace them regularly.


Why do you have to replace the sliding contacts?

The sliding contacts ensure that your car races smoothly and quickly across the track. The advice is therefore, if you want to keep this, check the sliding contacts regularly. With intensive use of the track, they will have to be replaced faster and more often because they wear out faster. You can compare it with a rechargeable battery, because in the beginning you can use a battery for a very long time and often. But after a long time, the quality of a rechargeable battery deteriorates, and the periods of use become shorter and shorter. This applies exactly the same to the sliding contacts.


When should you replace the sliding contacts?

A question that is often asked is when the sliding contacts need to be replaced. The answer to this is easy, because you notice it in the smoothness and speed of the car when racing. You can also notice it from the contact that the car makes with the track, if these three factors become less good, this is often due to the sliding contacts. The users may sometimes think that the car or the track is not good anymore and this is a logical thought. We therefore recommend that you first check the sliding contacts and replace them if they do not look good.