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Especially for the little ones / young people, we at Superbro Toys have a nice range of games that are specially made for the age group 3 to 10+. From Memory to super fun Junior editions of well-known games. If you are still missing something, please let us know!

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Doolhof Junior - 20869 Doolhof Junior - 20869
  • -€4.00
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Doolhof Junior - 20869

€20.99 Regular price €24.99 Price -€4.00

Maze Junior is the junior edition of the well-known classic "The Enchanted Maze". There are 12 secrets hidden in the maze of the magic castle. Shift the hallways cleverly to reveal the secrets!

Ravensburger Classic - MixMax Ravensburger Classic - MixMax
  • -€1.00
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Ravensburger Classic -...

€13.99 Regular price €14.99 Price -€1.00

A bear in a tutu with football boots, that's not possible, is it? Yes, yes, with the game Mix Max. In this cheerful laying game, the animals consist of 4 parts, a head, upper body, lower body and legs. Whoever has collected the most animal figures at the end is the winner!

Upside Down Challenge Upside Down Challenge
  • -€8.00
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Upside Down Challenge

€26.99 Regular price €34.99 Price -€8.00

What would everything look like if suddenly the whole world turned upside down? This becomes reality with the Upside Down Challenge. Put on the upside-down glasses and turn off 1 of 32 drawing or action commands. Can you take on this challenge?

Minions 2: Minion Alarm Minions 2: Minion Alarm
  • -€7.00
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Minions 2: Minion Alarm

€22.99 Regular price €29.99 Price -€7.00

The Minions are everyone's favorite yellow creatures. And as everyone knows, they love bananas! The worst thing that can happen to a Minion is to lose a banana. In order for this not to happen, you have to look closely, react quickly and have a bit of luck!

La Cucaracha La Cucaracha
  • -€11.00
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La Cucaracha

€31.99 Regular price €42.99 Price -€11.00

Oh no, cockroaches in the kitchen!! There's a cockroach in the kitchen and he's terrifying everyone. There is no time to lose! Let them run into the traps quickly with the help of your cutlery! Which one of you is fast and smart enough?

Who did it? Who did it?
  • -€7.00
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Who did it?

€32.99 Regular price €39.99 Price -€7.00

Who did it? The whole castle is in turmoil, the king’s magic ring is stolen! The animals have seen the thief but can only talk to children, only by working together can you find the magic ring again!

The game is in Dutch language!

Miffy 6-in-1 Gamebox Miffy 6-in-1 Gamebox
  • -€2.00
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Miffy 6-in-1 Gamebox

€16.99 Regular price €18.99 Price -€2.00

With this 6-in-1 game box from Miffy you have 6 super fun games in one! It contains a Lotto game, Domino, Dice game, Quartet, Memory and a match game. All with the beautiful drawings of Dick Bruna’s Miffy and his friends.

My first Bunny Hop My first Bunny Hop
  • -€6.00
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My first Bunny Hop

€22.99 Regular price €28.99 Price -€6.00

Introduce your child to his or her first game. Children and especially young children love animals, so what could be better than being able to combine this. The rabbit is electric and makes a sound when you have found it.

Snail's Race Snail's Race
  • -€3.00
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Snail's Race

€16.99 Regular price €19.99 Price -€3.00

Can you predict who will win the match? In Snail’s Race each player has his own color snail, you roll the color dice and what you throw determines which color snail can move one step forward. This fun game is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Gooseboard Gooseboard
  • -€5.00
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€19.99 Regular price €24.99 Price -€5.00

Gooseboard, who didn’t grow up with it? This classic game belongs in every living room. The game contains 6 wooden geese and whoever reaches the finish line first can call himself the winner of the game. The game can be played with 6 players.