Jan van Haasteren

Jan van Haasteren is probably the most famous cartoonist in the world when we talk about puzzles. Jan van Haasteren’s puzzles are sold all over the world and now have a huge number of fans and collectors.

Jan van Haasteren’s first puzzles date back to 1975. Since the founding of the Jan van Haasteren studios, the puzzles have been drawn by Jan van Haasteren himself, Dick Heins and Rob Derks.

A Jan van Haasteren puzzle is more than a jigsaw puzzle of a picture. Each puzzle tells a new adventure of the Jan van Haasteren family. When you put the puzzle together, you will discover what the family members are experiencing this time with each piece and you complete the adventure.

Collect them all and experience all the adventures of the famous Jan van Haasteren family. For the youngest fans, Jan van Haasteren has now also released a junior series so that you can puzzle together with your children or grandchildren. If you are looking for something more challenging, there are also the Jan van Haasteren Expert puzzles.

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Jan van Haasteren Jigsaw Puzzles

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