What is the difference between Carrera Go and Carrera Go Plus?

It is a question we regularly receive from fans of Carrera Go racetracks. You are looking for a good children's race track and then you see Carrera Go sets but also Carrera Go Plus sets. In order to make the right choice, we have therefore compared both options in this blog to explain the differences.

The system Carrera Go

Both the normal and the Plus racetracks of Carrera Go are based on the same system. This therefore makes it possible that the separate track parts, loops and other extension sets can be used on both race tracks. This also applies to the individual Carrera Go racing cars.

All regular and Plus race tracks are made on a scale of 1:43 with a track width of 11.4 cm. They are powered by a 14.8v transformer, so you don't need batteries, and you can race with up to 2 cars at the same time.

The Carrera Go Plus App

The Go Plus App is actually the biggest difference right away. This app was developed by Carrera to add more interactive elements in addition to racing. You can simply download the app and it is available for both Android and Apple devices.

What does the app offer? The app offers a number of fun games that can be played by children. Think, for example, of swiping flies that end up on the helmet of the driver when he is racing. In addition to the extra games, you can also keep track of the laps, how fast you go or you can set that you will only drive training laps.

What the Go Plus also has is that there is sound, this is not the case with the Go Racetracks. The Pit Stop Game is also unique to the Go Plus Racetracks, where you have to stop to change tires, make repairs and more. These assignments then pass by randomly, which can suddenly change everything in the course of the race!

In short, in addition to racing, which is already super fun, the racing experience becomes even more real with all the new options that the app has to offer. When you purchase a Carrera Go Plus race track, you can download the app and use it immediately. You then have everything you need for this.


Can you convert a Carrera Go racetrack to a Carrera Go Plus racetrack?

This is certainly possible! If you have a Carrera Go Racetrack from after 2017, you can convert it to a Carrera Go Plus racetrack. You must then replace the Start/Finish Connector of your Carrera Go racetrack with the Start/Finish Connector of Carrera Go Plus (Item 61662). You can use the same wired controllers (Item 61663) or you can decide to switch to wireless controllers (Item 61668 or 61669 (DUO pack)).

If you want to make it complete, you can also add the Pit Stop Game (Item 61664). Please note that the Pit Stop Game can only be used in combination with the Start/Finish Connector of Carrera Go Plus (Item 61662).

We hope that this explanation gives you a better understanding of the difference between the Go and Go Plus race tracks. If you have any further questions, you can always contact the SuperBro Toys customer service team. Have fun with the race track you are going to choose.