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In the classic games category you will find games that are known by several generations and still very much loved. Think, for example, of Goose board, Don't annoy you, checkers or chess, just to name a few. The games you played with when you were little and which your children enjoy immensely now.

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Ravensburger Classic - MixMax Ravensburger Classic - MixMax
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Ravensburger Classic -...

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A bear in a tutu with football boots, that's not possible, is it? Yes, yes, with the game Mix Max. In this cheerful laying game, the animals consist of 4 parts, a head, upper body, lower body and legs. Whoever has collected the most animal figures at the end is the winner!

Gooseboard Gooseboard
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Gooseboard, who didn’t grow up with it? This classic game belongs in every living room. The game contains 6 wooden geese and whoever reaches the finish line first can call himself the winner of the game. The game can be played with 6 players.