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Party games are fun to play as friends or with the family. At SuperBro, we really love Party Games. Get together with friends on a Saturday evening and put a party game on the table with a snack and a drink.

It often causes a lot of hilarity, but the general knowledge is also looked at. In short, make it fun with family and friends with one of our fun party games!

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Under 10 - Card Game Under 10 - Card Game
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Under 10 - Card Game

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The best card game from the Netherlands!

If you are looking for a card game that is competitive and easy for everyone to play, then the Under 10 game is exactly what you are looking for! The game was conceived and designed on Dutch soil, in West Friesland to be precise, during the corona period.

The aim of the game is to have as few points as possible in your hand. When it is your turn and you have less than ten points, you shout “UNDER 10” and the game ends and the points are distributed. If a player has more than 150 points, he/she is out of the game. You can then choose to continue to the bitter end and continue playing with the remaining players or you stop and the player with the lowest number of points wins.

Halli Galli Partygame -... Halli Galli Partygame -...
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Halli Galli Partygame...

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Halli Galli, the spectacular game with the bell! Anyone who can count to 5 can enter! Each player is dealt a pile of cards, each card has one or more fruits on it. In turn, each player turns over a card and places it on his previously turned up card. If exactly 5 copies of a certain fruit are visible, all players try to press the bell as quickly as possible. Whoever does this first gets the cards. If you have no more cards, you are eliminated. Halli Galli is a fun game you can't get enough of!

Upside Down Challenge Upside Down Challenge
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Upside Down Challenge

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What would everything look like if suddenly the whole world turned upside down? This becomes reality with the Upside Down Challenge. Put on the upside-down glasses and turn off 1 of 32 drawing or action commands. Can you take on this challenge?

30 Seconds Party game -... 30 Seconds Party game -...
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30 Seconds Party game...

€37.99 Price

The spectacular party game for teams is 30 Seconds (revised edition) of 999Games, speed is required to win. You play the game in teams and 1 of you tries to describe as many of the 5 concepts on a card within 30 seconds. The more you can guess, the more moves you can advance on the game board. However, a roll of the dice can still change everything. Which team will be the first to reach the finish line.

Hitster Partyspel - Jumbo... Hitster Partyspel - Jumbo...
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Hitster Partyspel -...

€24.99 Price

The party game of 2022 is absolutely Hitster from Jumbo. Invite all your friends for a fun evening with the greatest hits and test your own music knowledge! Over 300 of the greatest hits of the past 100 years make this game a guaranteed fun night.

Play the game with 2-10 players, scan the QR code with the free Hitster app to automatically play the song in Spotify. If you don't have Spotify, you can also use YouTube.